Franca Quaglia


Schwäntenmos 15

8126 Zumikon


+41 79 3458065

About me


Photography for me combines creativity, working with people and technical skills – everything I love!


I always took pictures as a child and I started to be a ‘serious’ photographer in 2009 after a career as a in multi-media producer and web designer.  I opened my first studio in 2014.


I want the people I photograph to feel welcome, comfortable and most of all have fun! This helps me get the best out of person in front of me; shows the person in the best light possible and really captures their personality in a meaningful way.

I am a native Swiss with Italian origins currently living in Zurich.  I have lived in other countries and I bring an international eye to my photography.  I speak German, Italian, English, French and a little Spanish (and if really pressed a few words of Swedish!).

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